Ilyra is the largest of the continents of Aris, and the one that was hit the hardest in the great battle that drove the Perverse Alchemist from the Material Plane. 

The northern part of the continent isn't home to much in the way of flora and fauna due to the presence of the Planar Rift.

Chunks of land in the northwestern area of the continent were broken off the mainland in the battle and, due to permanent magical residue, now exist suspended about 100 ft above the continent.

The mountain range that splits the continent in half is only passable in certain places, the easiest being a tunnel that is accessible through the city-state of Cragspire.  Cragspire is positioned snugly between the Cobalt Sea and the mountains, with the Forest of Zodiark to the west and so is uniquely protected from outside attack.  The hills to the east can be traversed by an army but not easily.  The city itself is halfway carved into the mountain range.

The hills to the east of Cragspire are home to various villages and small cities depending on how close to Cragspire you go.  The very tip of the peninsula is ruled by a particularly warlike tribe called the Araki.

The southern portion of the continent is controlled by another large city-state – Set.  Set is a more opulent city than Cragspire, it's inhabitants tend more towards the small luxuries of wealth.  Since the southern portion of Ilyra is mostly desert, Set surrounds the most arable portion of the land – the delta where the river Shae splits in two.  Set did not always completely surround the delta, but has expanded over the centuries so that its walls protect not only its residents but also its farmland.


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